Histoires de Hockey

We play hockey for pure fun and for the friendships that develop between teammates that share a bench and locker room. According to those who study the sport, amateur hockey has an undeniable effect on uniting communities and helps prepare people for life in society! Histoires de Hockey portrays young players, parents and coaches whose stories illustrate this contribution to society. The series features five stories of dedication and teamwork; five examples of how hockey acts as a social glue in the community. These episodes include “Un tournoi sur la banquise tourné dans la petite communauté inuite de Kanjiqsualujjuak” (a tournament on the ice field filmed in a small Inuit community named Kanjiqsualujjuak), “Ensemble vers Hockeyville à Stanstead” (let’s go to Hockeyville in Stanstead), “Le hockey pour tous à Aylmer” (hockey for everybody in Aylmer), “Profession: parent de hockeyeuses à Gloucester” (Profession: parent of hockey players in Gloucester) and “Le parcours d’une recrue avec le franco-ontarien Eric Gudbranson” (a recruit’s experience with Franco-Ontarian Eric Gudbranson).

Format: 5 x 22 minutes documentary series

Broadcasting: Radio-Canada, 2010